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About the Artist

Florida based artist, Suzanne Robbert, has been honing her oil painting techniques for the past several years.  Since 1992, she worked as a commission artist until launching her own collection in 2018.  The common theme depicted in the collection is the tangible sensation of food or lack thereof.  She uses food items and utensils as subject matter in a sometimes slightly absurd compositions. 

Suzanne’s influences include artists from her large family tree and every luscious painting from her art history books.  Her achievements include solo exhibitions, awards for individual works, outdoor art for the city of Pensacola, and running Artel Gallery (2009 – 2018) - a not-for-profit contemporary art gallery. 

Suzanne Robbert Self Portrait oil painting art easel hands artist Michelangelo creation
Self portrait, Oil, 36" x 48"
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